We are a family owned and operated business located in Lucan Ontario

About Us

My name is Corneliu Oltean, I am a veterinarian from Romania, and I emigrated in 1999 to Canada together with my wife Maria, my son Emil, and my daughter Ramona. My son got married in 2011, now we have another daughter, and her name is Sarah. Since 2020 we are the sharing the joy of becoming the grandparents to our first grandson Rowan.

Our Story

In Romania, as children, we grew up in the country side helping our parents to take care of garden and animals; working all together very hard to provide everything necessary for all and developing a passion and respect for good, natural, and healthy products.

My connection with making cheese starts long time ago when I was a little kid. I was just six years old and it was springtime when my father bought a little lam at the market, a female one to have traditional home-made meals for Easter.
The only mistake he made was that he bought the lam a week before Easter. During those few days, I feed and play with the little lam and became best friends.
We were so happy together and the idea to lose her over some good meal was terrifying me. So, when my father came home from work, I told him, I will never ever let something bad happen to the little lam, making very clear that if the lam dies, I will die too.
Looking at my teary eyes, my father knew that he had no chance to argue, so we had our first Easter without lam meals.

A few days latter, each of my other three brothers want to have a little lam so, at the beginning of the summer we had a small herd which grow every spring. My parents start to make every year very good fresh cheese for our family, relatives, and friends. No matter how far I was going from home, I never forgot the taste of a good home-made cheese and the idea to continue and share with everyone those good things had never left me.

That was the reason we start as a family, building our cheese plant here in Canada, in a small-town Lucan, North of London.

Continuing our tradition, we like to provide you with a variety of fresh and nutrient cheeses, made from 100 % milk produced by Ontario farmers.

Our Products

We have a selected variety of specialty cheese from different places around the world created by our local artisans only for you.


Branza de Burduf

Freesh Curd

Our Facilities

Our modern facilities are fully certified by the Province of Ontario, Canada.

Our Team

Owned and operated by Dr. Oltean Corneliu and Ms. Maria Oltean.

Our Goals

Over all is to see our customers happy, consuming our products with trust and joy. We measure very precise same of our ingredients like milk, and salt and cultures, and add an abundance of our passion and love and ingenuity. The combination of all together make our product special and unique, because have no measurements, is like a recipe for a song, a good book or a fascinating piece of art.

From our place to your table, we wish you all the best.